The arrival of Chestertons Cambodia

The collection of Harmony Valley’s villas has been met with many positive reviews and turned into a success story after its launch. The original project, Valley harmony villas was praised for welcoming urban families on their weekend getaway; while Oasis village continues this tradition by providing space where individuals can thrive in isolation or connect with others from different backgrounds through shared interests

The new disclosure includes some exciting features that are sure to make any guest feel at home  Whether it’s time spent relaxing poolside under the stars on one side…

New owners were very enthusiastic with their property but soon raised the question of maintenance and upkeep of the villa during the non-holiday period. Indeed, some families were rightfully concerned that they would spend a large part of their weekend cleaning up the house before enjoying the quietness of the countryside or the freshness of the swimming pool.

When they were faced with an impossible situation, the developers turned to one of England’s largest property management companies: Chesterton.

This new player will be of absolute (added) value. Now, owners can not only rely on the professionalism of Chestertons Cambodia to keep their beautiful property in check, but they will also have the opportunity to make some money back on their investment. Chesterton Cambodia will help owners rent out the villas to travelers and weekenders through their expansive mobile app and website. For a reasonable fee, the British company will act as your Maitre d’Hotel, by listing your goods on their platform, welcoming the tenants onto the site, checking them in the villa, collecting the fees and deposit and so forth. 

This is one of the most beneficial partnerships and a major win-win. 

There are absolutely no more valid reasons not to acquire a property at Harmony Valley.