harmony valley

kampot, cambodia

When it comes to creating a privileged residential estate, we are perfectionists. We can’t help it. We obsess over getting every detail right because that’s what you and your loved ones deserve. And while we want you to love your new environment, we also want you to love building it. So we make the entire process personal, pleasant and as painless as possible while building the finest homes in the Kampot province.

Forest Harmony

Golf Harmony

Residence Harmony

Lagoon Harmony

Living Harmony

HARMONY VAlley : European influence

The overall concept and style is directly influenced from European coastal resorts, and retreats, on the beautiful mediteranean shores. Our head architect, from Italian origins, has been dreaming about this project ever since she encountered this valley. The green quiet surrounding let her to imagine and anticipate a vast luxury environment, hosting luxury holiday villas, gold courses, intimate shopping gardens, restaurants and so much more. She envisioned a romantic village with resident of the same stature.     



HARMONY VAlley : the green province

The authorities and government bodies of the region, well understood the importance of balancing out the economical and environmental factors. Maintaining the province as green and environment-friendly as possible while granting licences for all sorts of business activities. Our project is characterized as being the ideal equilibrium concept.